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How it works

Everything is possible.

A subscription with Webo brings you features that optimize workflow and a support team that’s prepared to stick with you throughout the journey and make sure the product works for your organization

Data Storage

Find interconnected tables of your organization’s members, events, products, finances, history, products and more.

Customer Interaction

Upload, store, tag and share actions such as events with specific groups of members or the entire organization. 

Reports and Analytics

Automatically receive exportable analytics, visuals and reports regarding your organization’s performance. 

Design and Share

Utilize a dynamic graphic design tool to build awesome designs and share information with customers via text and/or email. 

Communication Channels

Interact with customers with our omni channel and manage message automation with WhatsApp, Emails, Text messages and more.

Premium Support

Enjoy unlimited access to our support & development team whether you need questions answered or design changes implemented. 

We speak your language

Webo was founded on principles that organizations follow across the board: 

Customer satisfaction, engagement, efficiency, respect, responsibility and growth

Built and maintained by USG alumni themselves, the Webo team understands what it means to operate customer-run organizations. Unlike commonly-used outdated platforms, Webo is growing and constantly conducting research in order to improve the organization workflows. 

User Testimonials


Hannah Zacki

Office Manager
Customer Success, Hadasa

The Webo CRM system completely changed our work flow!
We moved from simple excel tables to a system that knows how to answer our questions, minimizes our time and workload, and produces reports that help us facilitate a more collaborative work environment.
The team’s alertness, availability, and help with changes in order to fit our school’s demands is incomparable and priceless!
Thanks for everything!


Noy Boknik

Student Activities, Ariel University

Thank you to the Webo team for this excellent product and customer service that’s constantly exceeding expectations! We formed a great professional relationship, it’s simply been fun to work together, and especially for someone such as myself that has a lot of demands, it’s comforting that your motto is “Everything’s possible.”
The CRM is built and maintained excellently. It brings us accurate results and performance measurements just like we need. The service is fast and efficient. Thank you!


Alina Tsislok

VP of Academic Affairs
Student Government, College of Management

The CRM system is user-friendly and easy to understand.
From the moment I started to use Webo CRM I was able to upload data necessary to complete my work in the student government.
The information is displayed comfortably for the user to play with and in the case that support is needed, the Webo Team is always available and responds quickly and pleasantly.
I highly recommend adopting this product.


Segev Shkuri

Customer Success Vehicle Items Imports, Uri Ovadia

I have to mention that since moving to Webo I noticed a lot more efficiency in our workplace. All information and data I might need on a customer can be found easily in the case that I need to reach out and give quick response. In addition, Webo’s ability to directly communicate with customers regarding events, statements, etc is highly effective.
Webo is really easy and clear to use. Also, the team is always available in case we need something technical done.

great customer service guaranteed.

Pricing Plans

A Webo subscription comes with a variety of features and guaranteed excellent customer service.


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Great for local non-profit and lifestyle businesses with less than 2,500 customers.

  • 2 system administrators
  • 1000 basic users
  • Unlimited action items and reminders
  • Event capabilities
  • Reports and analytics
  • Email communication
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Best for smbs and private businesses with less than 10,000 customers.

  • 5 system administrators
  • 3000 basic users
  • Unlimited action items and reminders
  • Event capabilities
  • Reports and analytics
  • Email communication
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Perfect for enterprises and public companies with more than 20,000 customers.

  • Unlimited system administrators
  • Unlimited basic users
  • Unlimited action items and reminders
  • Event capabilities
  • Reports and analytics
  • Email communication
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Frequently asked questions

A Webo subscription comes with 3 main services: customizable web platforms (Webo Campus Manager, Webo Store and/or Webo Finance), 24/7 tech support, and cloud-backed privacy and security. 

Adopting Webo is not simply a one-time buy and goodbye process. The Webo service team will walk you through the onboarding process step-by-step and constantly be available for inquiries. Additionally, while our products support foundational student organization requirements, we understand that each organization is unique and therefore the Webo team is prepared to manually customize our platforms in order to tailor to your organization’s specific needs.

Yes, we support API integration with third party services that you might want to integrate with.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can discontinue your monthly subscription to Webo at any time and your service will last until the end of the originally subscribed month.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we can deploy services to your organizations environment within 3 working days. Tested, ready and secured.

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